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Don't make it personal, for you shall not survive the Gord!

You can't handle the Gord!

It's Personal Now!

So stuff gets stolen.  Gord does what he can to control it.  There is damn near no live stock on the floor and people sometimes just don't bring back rentals.  It happens.  They get sent to collections and their credit shot, but it's all in the context of doing business.  It's never personal, I assume they aren't coming in to steal from Gord personally.

One buddy decides to make it personal one day. 

So buddy comes into the store and sits down by the window where there was a tres cool super deformed Solid Snake and Merrill covering his eyes.  Trust me, it was a beauty.  The Gord didn't pay attention to what he was doing as there was nothing really over there and there were customers in the store.

Then he migrates over to the used Genesis games, and finally leaves.

When he left a regular noted that buddy had stolen a game.  When checked, he had stolen David Robinson's Supreme Court.  It was priced at $2.

Then Gord noticed that buddy had scratched a good chunk of the mural in the window.   Not only had he stole a crap game to prove he could, and vandalized the store. 

The Gord was enflamed with rage and swore that he would find person and revenge would be extracted!  He would not rest until the retribution was at hand. 

Gord quickly learned that the thief and vandal worked at a local department store.  He went down there that night and found the thief working.  Rather than simply confronting the thief as that wouldn't be enough, Gord masterminded a brilliant plan that children still sing songs about to this day.

He went up and made sure to talk to the thief for a couple minutes for the security camera, then he made sure to take an item from the department he worked in to the cashier.

With his purchase in hand, Gord proceeded to the customer service desk and went into a huge story about how the "Mike in Gardening" was rude to him, told him to "fuck off" and made sexual comments to the female companion that was with Gord.  Another employee vouched for what happened (a friend of mine who was working there at the time), and customer service offered to give the Gord his purchase for free (Gord declined, as then that would be theft and I would be no better than those Gord sought to destroy).

Seems management was VERY angry with our thief Mike here and was promptly fired.

Gord is a contentious Gord.  Fear the Gord and do not cross the Gord.  He who sows injustice will reap calamity, and the rod of his fury will fail. Embrace the Gord.