"Are you familiar with the phrase 'the jig is up?'"

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Everywhere the Gord goes, there he is.

Organized Crime

Everyone was gathered in the back of the store watching an entranced gamer complete Final Fantasy VIII.  During this time, a lone individual entered the store and went straight for the N64 game thief bait.

Upon noticing this, Gord then returned to the front counter.  He observed that the bait was taken. 

"Anything in particular you're looking for?" queried Gord.

"Uhm…  Do you have any more copies of Einhander?" was the response, as the individual apparently paid no attention to the stack Einhanders directly in front of him.

"Yes, I have lots."  Then after a dramatic pause Gord asked "So, are you familiar with the phrase 'the jig is up?'"

And suddenly a van screams to a halt in front of the store and the driver hits the horn.  Buddy then books it outside and runs towards the van full bore.  The van door slides open and the mysterious individual does a tuck and roll into the side of the van.  The van then screams off down the street.

"Well, that was odd" noted Gord.  "Why would someone go to all that trouble of setting such an elaborate scheme up only to use a van with a company logo on the side?" 

While normally Gord would phone up the person directly and ask why they stole a game, since buddy had gone for a collective stack of crap N64 games he phoned the police.

<Half hour later>

The police return with buddy in hand.  Seems he really wants to apologize and pay for the games.  Something about being on probation and he'll lose his job, go to jail, and how he was offering to pay for the games to avoid those problems.

"Hmm" thought Gord.  For he was the Caesar and the life of the young thief was his to control.  Would Gord be a benevolent Gord or a contentious Gord? 

Today Gord was a benevolent Gord.  For the prices on the crap N64 games were exponentially priced far beyond their values to increase the attractiveness of the titles to prospective thieves.

"Very well, here you go" and the Gord was paid in full.

"I trust I will not see you in here again for a number of years?" asked Gord as he brought up the issue of the excommunication of the would be thief.

"Actually, I'll be back on Friday."

"What?"  decried Gord, setback by this unforeseen statement.

"I like this store, I'll be back on payday to by more games."

"err….. Ok."

And thus the thief was reformed and made into a traditional customer.  The work of Gord transforms all!