Keep on walking Missy, keep on walking.

There are some customers that I try not to waste any more time on and tell them to hit the road.  Sometimes politely, sometimes not.  And it's cute how they often say they aren't coming back.  Oh no!  Someone I'm telling to get the hell out will never return!  What will I ever do?

The Sign

New project. I'm hanging up a sign similiar to "Now serving #" or "# of accident free days", and it will have a spot where I hang numbers.

Only, it will say "# of days where management hasn't had to deal with an idiot."

And when I have to deal with an idiot, I'll sigh, reach over, and take down all the numbers leaving a "0".

If I'm lucky, the person who is the idiot will be so offended they will never return...

Mod Chips

"Do you sell mod chips for the PlayStation?"

The door is to your left.  Try not to let it hit you on the way out.


I'm politely saying get the hell out.

"All I'm asking for is a mod chip."

All you're asking for is to steal games, and you're in a game store.  Your mother must be so proud.

"You're an asshole."

You're a wannabe thief.

"You better watch what you say!  Things might happen to you!"

Why?  You have a friend who's protects you and makes people be friendly to you?

"I'm never coming back!"

If I sold you a mod chip, you would never come back anyway.  You won't be missed.

Fear The Gord

Guy walks in who is about 19.

"Do you give cash for PlayStation games?"

Yes, but we give less for cash than credit.

"Ok.  Well I've got nearly 50 of them" and he sets his sports bag on the counter and opens it.  He then begins to unload the games onto the counter.

Do you have any games that aren't copies of games?

"You said you paid cash for games!"

I see.  So what you're saying here is you're fucking retarded?

"How about $5 a game?"

How about you just get the hell out and stop wasting my time?

"You said!"

Let's see… so you expect me to pay more for copied games than what it cost you to make them?

"It's how I make money."

Fine… fine.

<Gord grabs CD's and starts to snap them>

"What are you doing?!??"

Isn't it obvious?

Guy starts tossing what games he can back into his bag to save that he can.

"I'm never coming back!"

Don't forget to tell your mom about me!

And he left, never to return.