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Personal Links

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Kewl d00dz and d00dettz

  • Llamasoft - reborn! The Yak is back, check it out!
  • FoxxFire's Page - well drawn fantasy art, sweet fox.
  • Starbow Sanctuary - Binky has the unfortunate luck to keep owing me favours.. that's how I got such a cool web page, for example. ;)
  • Acts of Gord - Gord tells of his adventures working at his game store.
  • Bruce Campbell Online - He's cool. ;)
  • Asia Carrera's Buttkicking Homepage - Wow.. this is *really* well laid out. It's interesting, too, as the homepage of a porn star. It is *not* a porn site, however, there is a bit of nudity, and a lot of very frank discussion. This page is not for kids.
  • Weird Al Yankovic - The official home page
  • Otaku No Zoku - Kewl? KEWL? Kewl doesn't even begin to describe this guy. I *must* try and catch up with him, rumour is he lives nearby... ;)
  • Zebradog - Zebradog is a wonderful artist and a very dear friend - check her stuff out!
  • Gaping Wolf Software - A cool guy and well-polished freeware games!

    Kewl Placez

  • FlipSide Muck - my own online universe! (pretty idle these days)
  • TI Tech Pages - amazing and complete technical resource to the TI-99/4A computer!
  • Mainbyte Dot Com - Awesome page full of information and excellent graphics for classic machines including the TI, Timex Sinclair, TRS 80 and Vic 20 (and other tidbits here and there!).
  • Game Station X - Hardware info, mods, and cool colours!
  • NFG Gamess - From the creator of GameSX - See the future of Gaming's past.
  • Gibson Research - This guy has a lot of very interesting articles and tests for your network security
  • The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project - Ever wonder how a Twinkie will react to rigorous scientific testing? Wonder no more, my friend!


  • LionKing Online - the central site for Lion King fandom
  • Marylen's Costumes - These guys do very high quality suits. I have a slightly custom version of their 'blonde' lion, and nothing but good things to say about them.

    Games Worth Checking Out

  • Brutal: Paws of Fury Remake - An unofficial remake of the classic furry fighter. A DOS game running under MUGEN - sadly no more updates are planned here or at the related DMG site.
  • Warblade - A remake of Deluxe Galaga from the Amiga (by the original author), the game is finished and awesome. After I bought it, I found support was a little snarky, though.
  • Parsec - A neat, now open source 3D exploration/battle. Hugely incomplete, not much use unless you want an engine, but it's neat.


  • DJGPP - the best 32-bit protected mode DOS compiler available, IMHO. And did I mention free?
  • Allegro - Anyone using DJGPP for games should also use Allegro - it is a beautiful piece of work. Also free.
  • Hitmen - one of the old school underground dev sites
  • Dan's DCDev - If you're interested in Dreamcast development, this is a great place to start!
  • A4/A5/A6 - An interesting and affordable 3D game creation system
  • GarageGames (Torque) - I didn't want to mention 3D engines without mentioning Torque
  • System Internals - If you work with Windows, you *need* these tools.


  • Digital Blasphemy - High resolution rendered backdrops are the specialty here, and the guy does beautiful work. :)
  • Flat-Earth - A place to purchase royalty-free digital pictures for any project you have in mind.
  • The Lion Lady - Wonderful nature photography from Africa!
  • NASA's Planetary Photojournal - Images of the planets and more.
  • Earth From Space - Search and locate images of most of the Earth's surface.
  • Google Earth - Of course, Google Earth is even better ;)


  • Dilbert - Yes. It's so true. It's sad.
  • Freefall - Freefall is an awesome funny Sci-Fi strip.
  • Sabrina-Online - Nice furry comic strip by Eric Swartz. Deals with some adult themes but does so tastefully. ;)
  • SinFest - It's totally tasteless. It's completely adult oriented. And it does it all without showing anything naughty. (Coarse language is frequent, though.) It's also funny as heck. ;)


  • Classical MIDI Archive - a huge assortment of Classical Music in MIDI format, which means you can probably play it.
  • MapQuest - Enter your starting point and destination, and it gives you directions and maps!
  • Banned Books Online - There is just no good reason for these books to be *banned*.

    Link Exchanges

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  • The Dolphin Place - Java and Shockwave intensive site - very good eye candy :)
  • Dolphin Lagoon - A nice page centered on the river dolphins, and specifically the pink river dolphin :)

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