"It's Gord on the phone.  He says for you to shut the hell up."

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The Callback


Gamer's Edge

"Yes, I have GoldenEye rented from you and I'm stuck onů"

(note: all three copies of GoldenEye were in at the time of this call, and while we are talking, I pulled up his number in the accounts file as Gord has caller ID, and he didn't have an account.)

"I'm sorry, we don't give advice for games over the phone."

"Why not?!"

"Because then I would be here all day answering phone calls for help on games to everyone whether they got the game here or not."

"Look, I just need help in this one spot."

"I'm sorry, no.  We don't give advice for games over the phone."

So buddy yells "Fucking asshole!" and then hangs up.

So Gord did the only thing that came to mind, he called him back.



"Yes, is Michael in?"

"Yes, this is him."

"Ah, I was curious and wanted to know what's it like to be you?"


"More specifically, I wanted to know what it was like to be an asshole.  In a poll of 100 people, your name came up 83 times as being an asshole. "


"I would be Gord from Gamer's Edge.  You just phoned me a few minutes ago.  And now, my life is complete.  Good day."