If you don't pay up, there might be… ...an accident.

The Evil Empire
DBA Blockbuster
1770 Main St., Penticton, B.C.

July 13, 2001

Dear Kim;

Lest it be written, so shall my words be known.  Why, why has Blockbuster forsaken me?  What actions of mine have been judged so heinous that I have been cast into the shadows of darkness that is land of hate letters and evil spirits?

Why is that I have been so hated for my delinquencies despite my spending in excess of $100 on purchasing DVD's in the last six weeks?  Does redemption not come at any price?

Attached to this letter you will find a rose of purity and goodness.  This white rose shall showcase an innocence lost.  A happier time now passed.  It's so sad then doves cry…

Here is your $9.48.

In transgression,

Gord Haddrell

P.S.  Might I suggest that the evil empire not send out hate letters to people still spending money in their store?

Basically I've had my account at the local BlockBuster since shortly before the dawn of time, or shortly after they opened the one in town nearly ten years back.

Now granted, I'm not a sick movie zealot renting every day, but I do visit enough that several of the staff know me by my name as soon as I walk in the door.

I stopped renting VHS a year ago, and now I pretty much only buy DVD's as renting DVD's are almost a waste.  $5 to rent, $15 to buy.  If I plan to watch it more than once, might as well buy it.  At least then I can lend it out.

So, after buying about 8 DVD's over a six week period this spring, I got a hate letter from Blockbuster saying that unless I paid the money I owed to them immediately, there might be an "accident."  The first paragraph still said they wanted me back (uhm, I never left), so that was nice.

Even though I had been using the 'BlockBuster Easy Payment Plan" <tm> of theirs (using my change and applying it to the account when I bought something), and all my DVD purchases were going on my account record, and I even got on the spiffy "Blockbuster Rewards Program" thingy, you'd think that one of these actions would have said "hey, let's not push him down the stairs."

Now technically, one could argue there were in the right to go with the hard line "Pay us in 10 days or else!" but that is hardly a way to treat a customer that in theory is a good customer.

At least when I'm rude to people, they deserve it.